Expectations from guests in the Vail area and lodging standards worldwide continue to rise as new luxury resort properties are developed.

Lodging Quality Assurance (LQA)

The mission of the Lodging Quality Assurance (LQA) program of the Vail Valley Partnership helps improve guest satisfaction by providing them with an advanced understanding of the property and unit they are choosing for their stay. Guests’ experience should match or exceed their expectations. LQA is a unique, community-wide initiative implemented to continually improve the quality and value offered by the Vail Valley’s lodging properties. Currently, any property sold through Vail/Beaver Creek and Vail Valley Partnership central reservations undergoes a detailed interior inspection and is assigned an LQA rating. An acceptable level of quality must be maintained in each unit to remain available for rent through the central reservation system or online booking engines.

The key elements of LQA are quality, condition and coordination. LQA also considers form and function. Items in each area of a unit are inspected and rated. Ratings are determined by the detailed criteria listed in this document. Each rating is given a point value and an overall unit rating is given which is a percentage out of 100%.

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    • Manor Vail Lodge


    These are the very top units in the Valley and are on par or exceeding the quality and style of the best properties in other world class ski and resort destinations. Materials, hardware and furnishings in a diamond unit are current or timeless in style, perfectly coordinated and of exquisite quality. Thought has gone into each element of the guest experience and has been executed to impressive levels. Elements are in like-new or top quality antique condition. Diamond units are the top platinum units. Individual items do not have a diamond rating, but the overall score creates a diamond unit. Diamond units are re-inspected every two years.

    • Manor Vail Lodge


    Units with a platinum rating represent some of the finest accommodations in the area. Materials, hardware and furnishings are current or timeless in style, show excellent coordination and are of excellent quality. Appointments are supportive of an excellent guest experience. Most elements are in like-new or top quality antique condition. Platinum units are re-inspected every 18 months.

    • Manor Vail Lodge


    Gold units are the majority of better appointed lodgings in the area. They reflect recent interior design motifs, exhibit coordinated decorating elements and have materials of high quality. Elements within each room of the unit are of quantity and quality to ensure a satisfactory guest experience. Appointments are in like-new or close-to-new condition or good antique condition. Gold units are re-inspected every 18 months.