Condo VS Hotel Room

Which is Right for Me?

If you've traveled, chances are you've stayed in a hotel. These are an especially obvious option in destinations where condo rentals are few and far between. But what about when condo rentals come into the picture?
In Vail, you’ll have your pick of both hotels and condo rentals like those at Manor Vail. With options aplenty, choosing between a condo and hotel room is a little more complicated than you may think. Consider things like space, amenities, and services, as each of these will impact your overall experience.
Read on for everything you'll need to know when it comes time to decide condo vs. hotel room.

What's the Difference?

At a basic level, hotels are service-based accommodations. They’re a convenient way to explore a new destination and a consistent place to rest your head. You know what to expect from a hotel.
Condos, on the other hand, focus on replicating the feeling of home. Condos may have multiple bedrooms, separate, spacious living areas, and even kitchens so you can choose between eating out and fixing up home-cooked favorites.
Manor Vail offers a little bit of both: the space and flexibility of a vacation rental mixed with traditional hotel hospitality. Our condo rentals are situated within a hotel setting, so you’ll enjoy condo amenities like a full kitchen and as many as four bedrooms without sacrificing services like housekeeping.

Features & Amenities

Not all lodging options are made equal, especially in Vail. When choosing between a hotel and a condo rental, consider the size of your group, the amenities you’ll need to be comfortable, as well as how long you plan to stay in your destination.


Hotel Room: 325 square feet
Manor Vail Condos: 700 - 3,200 square feet

The average hotel room is 325 square feet. That number includes a full bathroom. Though that’s plenty of living space for an overnight or even a weekend away, sometimes bigger really is better.

Condo rentals vary in size, but most are more spacious than the average hotel room. Manor Vail’s studio rentals measure 700 square feet, over two times the size of a room at a hotel. The largest rental at Manor Vail reaches 3,200 square feet with four bedrooms and a loft.

Whether you choose a studio or a penthouse, you’ll never run out of room to store your gear or entertain.


Hotels: housekeeping, toiletries, TVs
Condos: kitchens, patios, washers and dryers
Manor Vail: all of the above

When it comes to amenities, what’s available to you inside the room is just as important as what’s available to you outside of it. Hotels are known for their knowledgeable teams plus amenities like housekeeping and miniature toiletry products. Condo rentals may not always have these features, but they do include ample space with kitchens, washers and dryers, and sometimes even patios.

Manor Vail Lodge takes this experience a step further by combining the perks of a hotel with the respite of a condo rental. Enjoy the space and flexibility of a condo rental that includes the amenities and services you've come to expect from your hotel stays.

Length of Stay

Hotels: Best for shorter stays
Condos: Spacious enough for short or extended stays

Theoretically, you can stay at a hotel for as long as you like. But that doesn't mean your stay will be comfortable. After several days, you may get tired of living out of your suitcase while staring at the same four walls.

Condos invite you to experience what it would be like to actually live in your destination, which means it'll be comfortable to stay for as long as you like. Make meals, play games, watch movies like you would at home, just with Manor Vail as your new backdrop.