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Manor Vail’s Top 3 Favorite Summer Hikes

If you have skied Vail in the winter but haven’t explored Vail in the summer then this season we think you should put it on your list of summer vacation getaways!  What is so great about Vail in the summer that we are telling you to come back? Well, the endless list of summer activities for one – but also Vail’s amazing hiking trails. 

Here we have listed our top 3 favorite summer dirt paths we think you should explore! 


Gluten Free - St. Patrick's Day Sangria Recipe

What do most folks love about St. Patrick’s Day the most? That’s right, drinking. It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a tastey drink.  Sure we love green beer and Irish Whiskey but if you’ve been on that health kick lately we've got just the right kind of St. Patty's Day drink for you.  Check out The Fitz Lounge’s healthy Sparkling Green Sangria Recipe for this St. Patrick’s Day

Here is what you will need.

GoPro Mountain Games in Vail

Kick-off this summer with the country's largest celebration of outdoor adventure sports including mountain biking, kayaking, bouldering, trail, mud and road running with the GoPro Summer Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, June 4-7, 2015.

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